ruparts-Engine Protector plate for GasGas Trial

The last few ones!

Extreme solid build stainless-steel plate.

Perfect fit, with bore for removing oil drain plug and one bore for better fixing gear lever.

The obvious higher weight of 2800g bring your GasGas about the minimum weight of some trial competitions.

The centre of gravity is there where it belongs: at the bottom!

Because of the stability of stainless steel (about 3 times more than aluminium) the plate wil nearly not bend - 

therefore this plate is suitable for beginners and hobby riders.

All needed screws (not the hexagon nuts) are included! 


Edelstahlbodenplatte, GasGas
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100,00 €

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ruparts - exhaust stabilisator for GaGas

Fits for all GasGas-trials from construction year 2011

Enables long lasting and elastic fixing of the plastic exhaust cover.

Enable to mount even if the snap nuts in the plastic are broken.

Your don´t need spezial tools and specific skills.

English assembly instruction and all needed parts are included.



GasGas Auspuffstabilisator von ruparts

22,60 €

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Carbon fiber -exhaust cover

Ehaust cover made of real carbon fiber.

Very strong against crashes and heatresistant - no melting!

Great fit, needed screws are included.


Easy to mount.

Including high temperature silicon for 100% sealing.


Carbon-Auspuffendkappe, GasGas

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ruparts exhaust cover for GasGas

Stainless steel exhaust cover.

Can be riveted as a wear protection at the inside of the exhaust.

Even if the aluminium of the exhaust is frayed, it can, with use of high temperature silicone, perfectly sealed up again.

Easy to mount, all parts you need and high temperature silicone are included.



ruparts Auspuffblende; GasGas

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Screw set for GasGas

complete screw-set for GasGas Trial (building year up 2011).

For dismantling the airbox and the tank you need only one tool - allen key with 4mm!


Set contains:


2 piece M6 fast nuts (airbox)

4 piece DIN 7991 M6 x 16 countersunk bolt (airbox)

2 piece DIN 7991 M6 x 18 countersunk bolt (filter box cover)

2 piece M6 x 20 socketbuttonhead (rear fender)

2 piece DIN 985 M6 nylon lock nut (rear fender)

2 piece M6 x 30 socketbuttonhead (tank) 



All screws are zinc plated!

Screw-set GasGas

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